Hiring an Electrician for Home Electrical Projects

Even after all the Christmas lights are stored away, it is imperative that you find an electrician to help you with all the electrical projects that come after the holidays. If you are looking for a New Year’s resolution, using a professional electrician should be one to certainly keep. Getting an inspection of your outlets, […]

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Saving Money By Unplugging Appliances

Turning off appliances when not in use will help save money however; simply turning off the appliances will not eliminate ‘phantom power draws’ in your home. The way to eliminate phantom power usage is by unplugging appliances that are not in use. ‘Phantom power draws’ come from appliances that operate in standby power mode when […]

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Typical Wiring Problems

Though there has been a large improvement in electrical technology over the past two decade, many homes still have antiquated electrical wiring. There is an increase of power-hungry gadgets that have entered the home, however the electrical wiring in many homes today strain to keep up with the electrical load causing potential fire hazards. Appliances […]

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